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Twelfth Night

"I delight in masques and revels, sometimes all together," exclaims Sir Andrew Aguecheek during the first act of Twelfth Night. January 6th (also known as Twelfth Night) is the kick off to Carnival Season in South Louisiana. Carnival is a time of drinking, costumes, and revelry which culminates in Mardi Gras. Through the scholarship of Director Amy Waguespack, Acting Up reimagined one of Shakespeare's most famous works as being set in Louisiana at Carnival. The overindulgence in alcohol & food, gender-bending disguises, music, dance and general foolery that provide much of Twelfth Night's humor are abound during this special time of year. Our production of Twelfth night opened on Twelfth Night of 2012.

Director's Note

I loved Twelfth Night the first time I read it when I was an undergraduate at the University of Maine. Here was a Shakespeare that reminded me of home and Mardi Gras—the masking and mistaken identity, the drunken all-night revelry, the danger of overindulgence. The very title itself immediately reminded me of the first day of carnival season with king cakes and balls. When the opportunity to perform Twelfth Night on twelfth night at the AcA presented itself, we jumped on it.  And if that date would happen again, we would do it again!

Amy Waguespack, Director & Dramaturg


Colin Miller as Duke Orsino

Sara Catherine White as Duke's Attendant

Kate Lobdell as Duke's Attendant

Heaven Moore as Valentine

Lillian Feist as Curio

Hannah Briggs as Olivia

Katelynn Hebert as Olivia's Attendant

Ashley Mays as Olivia's Attendant

Ali Pellerin as Olivia's Attendant

Breanne Hernandez as Viola

Dana Gourrier as Officer & Captain

Brian Crutchfield as Sebastian

Kelly Clayton as Antonia

Lian Cheramie as Maria

George Saucier as Sir Toby Belch

Cissy Whipp as Sir Andrew Aguecheek

David Guarisco as Fabian

Ricky Briggs as Malvolio

Kara St. Clair as Feste

Destin Briant as Feste Assistant 1

Chance Briant as Feste Assistant 2

Mackenzie McAnally as Feste Assistant 3

River Gibson as Feste Assistant 4


Production Team:

Amy Waguespack Director

Hannah Briggs Stage Manager

Chad Trahan Costume Design

Danny Devillier Music

Taylor Guarisco Music

Brian Schneider Lighting Design

Hector LaSala Set Design

Colin Miller Graphic Design

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