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Richard III

In the opening moments of Richard III, Richard speaks directly to the audience, declaring his intention to do whatever it takes to sit on the throne. We watch as the Yorks and Lancasters alike get caught in a web of Richard the Spider’s charm and violence. But is Richard’s tight web the root of his own undoing? In the 400th year of Shakespeare’s death, Acting Up (in Acadiana) interprets Richard III with a modern multi-media lens. Watch as Richard manipulates the media, and therefore the world around him, spinning information for political gain and power.


Acting Up (in Acadiana) came to this project through a long period of reflection on violence. Beginning in 2015, Acting Up felt compelled to react to recent tragic events, and the specter of violence worldwide. A long year followed, with the company developing new small theatre works and workshopping them with close confidantes. Eventually, the company members found themselves back at Shakespeare's door.


George Saucier as Richard

Alicia Chaisson as Elizabeth, Reporter, & Ensemble

Olivia Johnson as Duchess

Lian Cheramie as Margaret

Daniel LeBoeuf as Clarence & King Edward

Sarah Mikayla Brown as Buckingham

Henri Hebert-Allemond as Richmond

Jason Knight as Murderer 1, Archbishop, Priest, Bishop, & Ensemble

Cissy Whipp as Murderer 2, Cardinal, Bishop, Ensemble, & Citizen

Jeff Roberts as Ratcliffe

Destin Briant as Rivers & Lord Mayor

Breanne Hernandez as Grey, Citizen, Messenger, & Ensemble

Belle Saucier as Dorset, Messenger, & Ensemble

Cameron Metrejean as Vaughan, Reporter, & Ensemble

Ian Faul as York & Boy

Jess Tetnowski as Prince

David Guarisco as Stanley

Cathy Wagnon as Brackenbury, Citizen, Sherif, & Ensemble

Kerrie Chatalain-Milbert as Catesby

Kayleigh Byrd as Blunt, Young Elizabeth, & Ensemble

Madison Andrus as Ely & Ensemble

Hannah Briggs as Tyrel

Mackenzie McAnally as Hastings

Debbie Briant as Keeper & Norfolk

Ricky Briggs as an original cast member & collaborator

Production Team:

Amy Waguespack Director

Sarah Mikayla Brown Assistant Director

Lian Cheramie Assistant Director

George Saucier Assistant Director

Emily Ponti Stage Manager

Chad Trahan Costume Design

Olivia Johnson Costume Assistant

Madison Andrus Costume Assistant

Brian Schneider Lighting Design

Josh Allen Music

Destin Briant Sound Design

Sam Riehl Set Design

Danny Milbert Set Construction

Lian Cheramie Media Director/Editor

Sarah Mikayla Brown Media Writer

Alicia Chaisson Media Writer

Breanne Hernandez Media Writer

Mackenzie McAnally Media Writer

Cameron Metrejean Media Writer

Ashley Mays Media Images

Aimee Waguespack Specialty Make-up 

Harmony Decker Specialty Make-up

Cathy Wagnon Props

Aimee Waguespack Props

Destin Briant Graphic Design

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