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Unbearably Lo_ely

Unbearably Lo_ely was developed with Acting Up (in Acadiana) and guest director Justin Zsebe. The piece is inspired by the more obscure works of Tennessee Williams (short plays, essays, poems, letters) in an attempt to capture in a highly theatrical way the complexity of the man himself and his ability to write in ways that can break and fill a heart simultaneously. To approach such an immense body of work, the mash-up technique was used - made popular by rogue music artists, sampling years of various material to create a new statement. Unbearably Lo_ely is a piece that reflects not only Williams' artistic spirit, but breaches deeply into his thoughts and feelings concerning community, art, education, war, fear, love and loneliness all framed in a theatrical manner. 


David Guarisco as Big Daddy Momma

Kara St. Clair as Blue Glass

Lian Cheramie as El

George Saucier as Gold Tooth

Erica Hebert as Tadpole

Brian Crutchfield as X-Ray

Production Team:

Justin Zsebe Director

Amy Waguespack Artistic Director

Paige Krause Company Manager

Chad Trahan Costume Design

The Gold Machete DJ/Sound

Madison Andrus Costume Assistant

Brian C. Miller Richard Lighting Design

Bailey Hebert Light Board Operator

Hector LaSala Set Design

Colin Miller Graphic Design

Hannah Briggs Stage Crew

Ricky Briggs Stage Crew

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