Acting Up (in Acadiana) has now begun registering for its training based, ensemble driven 2019-2020 acting classes. Classes are for students ages 7-adult and begin the week of September 9, 2019 at the Acadiana Center for the Arts. We are often asked why we are training and not production based. As working professionals, we understand the importance of rigorous training in order to create muscle memory, as well as mental, emotional and physical flexibility and confidence. To use a sports analogy, we may watch our New Orleans Saints play for 4—and if we are lucky—5 months out of the year, but their training and conditioning is year-round.


 We also know from well over a decade of experience teaching in this manner, that all students, regardless of future work, can gain confidence in public speaking, practice focus and concentration, engage in collaborative teamwork, nurture the imagination and creativity, and just have fun! The classes also provide a strong foundation for the blossoming, serious actor. 


We are also now offering online audition preparation, Shakespeare coaching, and presentation coaching. Fees will be discussed individually and will depend on the content and number of sessions required. 

The following classes are offered:

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