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The Tempest

Acting Up (in Acadiana) dedicates its season and their production of The Tempest to Ricky Briggs. Finding ourselves in ever-divisive socio-political times, The Tempest ponders distinguishing men from monsters, the desire to rule, power relationships, and ultimately surrendering power for the hope of the future. Our concept illuminates the feminine elements of mother earth, as well as the importance of books and intellectualism. 

Press release:


Sarah Mikayla Brown as Prospero

Daniel LeBoeuf  as Alonso

Mackenzie McAnnally as Sebastian

Colin Miller as Antonio

Justin Bacque’ as Ferdinand

Christy Leichty as Gonzalo

Jean Allemond as Adrian

Cameron Metrejean as Francisco

George Saucier as Caliban

Sam Riehl as Trinculo

Henri Hebert-Allemond as Stephano

Luke Morris as Master of the ship

Jeff Roberts as Boatswain

Bailey Chautin as Mariners/Reapers

Brooke Schexnyder as Mariners/Reapers

Skeet Anseman as Mariners/Reapers

Jessica Hackett as Miranda

Ian Faul as Ariel

Rachel Belloni as Iris

Amy Brown as Ceres

Nicole Darby as Juno

Jordyn Bauman as Air Element

Harmony Decker as Air Nymph

Lian Cheramie as Fire Element

Addison LeJeune as Fire Nymph 1

Cathy Wagnon as Fire Nymph 2

Mary Frances Hoag as Earth Element

Zoe Chauvin as Earth Nymph 1

Debbie Briant as Earth Nymph 2

Hannah Briggs as Water Element

Vegas Woods as Water Nymph

 Production Team:

Director: Amy Waguespack
Set Designer: Hector LaSala
Set Constuction: JC Briant, Amy Hackett, Danny Milbert
Costume Design: Chad Trahan
Lighting Design: Brian Schneider
Composer & Music Director: Shane Courville
Musician: Kerrie Chatelain-Milbert
Stage Manager: Emily Ponti
Technical Director: Tyler Lokey

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