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Director’s Note

Play. Music. Heal.: A Neo-Traditional Manifesto began with a desire to explore the potential for music to heal. The two year journey bringing us to this third incarnation is perhaps a bit too complicated to detail in this director’s note (though any of the ensemble members would be happy to share it with you).  In brief, we consciously chose to experiment with form and structure, but wanted to root the piece with familiar characters. Through hours and hours of improvisation, writing and rewriting, discussion, engaging friends and other artists through questionnaires, etc., the concept of ‘neo-traditionalism’ kept revisiting us. In discussing the things we wanted to ‘heal’ in our lives and community, we kept coming back to the desire of the younger generation (as well as some older) to progress the community in which they live. To leave their own mark in a community steeped in tradition, while still embracing many of the traditions and the cultural history. We don’t claim to have the answers, but hope to generate discussion. 


Hannah Briggs as Sarah

Ricky Briggs as Jackson

Lian Cheramie as Maw Maw Peggy

Brian Crutchfield as Mark

Kara St. Clair as Jenn

Megan LeBleu as Kathy

Katie Lahey as Elisabeth

George Saucier as DJ

Cissy Whipp as Fran

Production Team:

Amy Waguespack Director & Dramaturg

Claire Martin Lead Writer

Ensemble Contributing Writers

Darrell Borque "Pon Yo's Black Side"

Marla Krisicevich Set Design

Bernardo Pearce Music Director/Composer

Chance Briant Sound Board Operator

Destin Briant Light Board Operator

Brian Richard Promotional Photography & Videography

Contributing Musicians


New Creole Orechestra

Chris Stafford

Other Contributing Artists

Ryan Broussard

Andry Cornett

Chris Courville

Johana Divine

Carol Fran

Eric Frey

Henry Grey & the Cats

David Guarisco

Kali Hollister

Chas Justice

Paige Krause

Charlee Halphin Swain

Alyce LaBry

Katie Lahey

Cissy Whipp

Justin Zsebe

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