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About the Company

Founded in 2003 by Amy Waguespack, Acting Up (in Acadiana) is a professional theatre company located in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Acting Up creates ensemble driven work with the belief that every production is bigger than any individual artist involved and ultimately meant to connect with an audience.

We are a multi-disciplined, multi-generational company that pushes each other beyond artistic and experiential comfort zones.  Over the last few years we have moved toward developing new works that are rooted in the unique culture of South Louisiana, but of interest and—in our opinion—importance to the rest of the country and at times even the world.

In striving to produce relevant work we always ask ourselves, "Why this play, for this audience, at this time?"  The beauty of live performance is the relationship between audience and performer;  we want to give our audiences a reason to come to the theatre; we want them to engage and feel included in the experience.

Vision Statement

We are committed to producing quality works with integrity, intelligence and relevance, whether a premiere production or the reinterpretation of a classic.


We are committed to the evolution of our art form through challenging each other in ensemble driven work.


We are working to engage with and learn from other national, regional, professional, theatre  companies.


We work to progress theatre as an art form while telling stories rooted in the unique time and place in which we live and work.


We are committed to developing the next generation of performing artists through quality youth programming such as the Summer Youth Shakespeare Ensemble.


We are committed to educating the community at large about the unique nature of  theatre as a professional art form.

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