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Our Community

What unites us as collaborators is our belief in ensemble driven work where every production is bigger than any individual artist involved, and is ultimately meant to connect with an audience.

Acting Up (In Acadiana) prides itself in having a diverse network of artists, community members, and organizations with whom we collaborate frequently in training and in the development of our shows. 

  • Company Members
    Cathy Wagnon, Cissy Whipp, Daniel LeBoeuf, Debbie Briant, Destin Briant, Emily Ponti, George Saucier, Hannah Briggs, Lian Cheramie, Mackenzie McAnally, Sarah Mikayla Brown, Junior Company Members: Jean Allemond, Jordyn Bauman
  • Collaborators - The Tempest
    Set Design: Hector LaSala Costume Design: Chad Trahan Music Director: Shane Courville Lighting Design: Brian Schneider
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