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The Patriot Acts

The Patriot Acts (2004)

The Patriot Acts II (2008)

2012: The Ridiculous. The Profound. (2012)

Since its formation, Acting Up has continued to explore political themes in both our original and adapted productions. We as working artists believe art is a vehicle for the change that we want to see in the world. The Patriot Acts are a series of sketch shows based on these explorations. Some iterations of The Patriot Acts were created through the "24-hour Play" process, where there is only one day's time to write, rehearse, and put on a show. Other iterations had longer writing and rehearsal processes, and incorporated movement and live music. Venues included the Blue Moon Saloon, the Art House Gallery at AcA, and the James Devin Moncus Theatre. The artists involved exhibited a wide rage of ages and backgrounds, many of whom were frequent collaborators and students. 

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